Since 1957, El Nopal Restaurant has been serving up
Pueblo's finest  Mexican food. The traditional Mexican
food created here at El Nopal follows the age-old
recipes brought here by Rosa "Ma" Torres from
various regions of the Mexican countryside as well as
her own recipes. Our kitchen combines not only the
best ingredients indigenous to both Colorado and
Mexico, but also the tools and techniques of both old
and new worlds.
Mexican cuisine is noted for its delicious blending of herbs and spices in combination with
fine meats and fresh vegetables. We use only the finest ingredients and techniques in
preparing our food:
We use only selected chili pods in making our red chili sauce
Our homemade salsa is made fresh several times daily
We use only quality white meat chicken in our dishes
We use only 100% vegetable oil in our fried foods
We use no artificial flavoring or preservatives in our cooking
Our chili rellenos are handmade and stuffed with only the finest green chilis